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With your help, we can provide a strong voice in support of the medical profession, improving healthcare for both doctors and patients.

The Lehigh County Medical Society, founded in 1852, serves as an avenue to unite Lehigh County physicians into a single body to advocate for health policy that provides the highest standard of healthcare for the people of Lehigh County. A membership-based, not-for-profit non-partisan organization, the LCMS welcomes all physicians, from all specialties, to join and benefit from the professional and social opportunities that the society offers. "We speak your language. We will help you with your problems."

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The mission of the Lehigh County Medical Society is to encourage physicians and healthcare professionals to have the highest moral and ethical standards, to counsel and censure them when necessary, to serve as a strong and united voice for our Lehigh County physicians, our patients and our community, to promote healthful living and well-being and to advance the highest standards of healthcare and service in our region through education, service and advocacy. The vision of the Lehigh County Medical Society is to be a relevant and influential leader in the Pennsylvania Medical Society, to unite our physicians and empower them to deliver compassionate, ethical and evidence-based healthcare of the highest quality and value to our community.

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Membership in the Lehigh County Medical Society and the Pennsylvania Medical Society will help fulfill your professional and social needs. However you choose to participate in the Lehigh County Medical Society, you will know that, as a society member, you will be represented in important medical issues.

Latest Announcements

LCMS Humaneness Award

As we head toward year end, it is time to think about nominating a Resident or Fellow for the LCMS Humaneness Award. The Lehigh County Medical Society created this award for residents and fellows of Lehigh County. The purpose is to commend humaneness demonstrated by a Resident/Fellow Physician and observed by a medical student, Director of Residency Training, physician colleague, nurse or allied health care professional. This humaneness is characterized by particular skills in working with people, patients and their families, and understanding human as well as clinical needs especially in the kindness of treatment.

Previous winners are Gabriela Firak DO, Aminatu Akande MD, Jeanne Zukas, DO and Jarom N. Gilstrap, MD.

If you’re interested in nominating someone, please email our office lcmedsoc@rcn.com for a copy of the award nomination application or click here.

Please nominate any resident/fellow whom you feel represents the values this award was created to embody. Also, please pass this information and form along to your colleagues. Please return any nominations by February, 1st 2020.

React Now: How This Threat Could Become a Health Care Crisis in Your Backyard

The Civil Procedural Rules Committee (Committee) has proposed changes to the rules governing appropriate venue in medical professional liability actions, which would expand the possible venues where a medical liability action can be initiated.
The Lehigh County Medical Society has joined a coalition led by the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) to oppose this rule change.

You MUST act now — EVERY physician, EVERY health care professional, EVERY patient! The only way to stop the rule change is to flood the Committee with personal comments by the Feb. 22 deadline. Help stop this threat before it becomes a crisis.

Why should I care?

Simply put: Your medical liability premiums could rise. Patient care will suffer.
All Pennsylvania physicians and patients would be affected by the consequences of this proposed rule if it is adopted.

You say all Pennsylvania physicians, but I don’t think this applies to me.

Think again!
  • If you’re a young physician, you likely don’t remember the early 2000s when Pennsylvania was in the midst of a medical liability crisis – physicians were leaving the state in droves, leaving patients without their trusted physician, many of whom had long-standing relationships, and medical liability premiums were going up statewide. This proposed rule change would take us back to that time, and sometimes, as is the case here, the good old days weren’t so good.

  • If you’re an employed physician, your hospital or health system likely pays your medical liability premiums. But, this change would cause rates to increase, and that money has to come from somewhere – your compensation, patient care innovations and other improvements, your employer only paying a percentage of your liability premiums and requiring you to pay the rest?

PAMED’s resources make it easy to share your comments with the Committee.
1. Go to www.pamedsoc.org/VenueRule to learn more. You can download an executive summary, a comprehensive overview, as well as take action.
2. With a few clicks, you can fill out an online form that will send your comments right to the Committee. Please personalize your comments as your personal stories will be the most impactful.